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Vitamin of the Week: Julee Grupe (Dallas, TX)


Julee Grupe

The Market Manager for our dynamic Dallas office, Julee’s long search for a creative agency to call home led right to our door.

Talk about kismet!

With years of experience recruiting, partnering with clients, and guiding the careers of creatives, Julee’s got lots of insights to share with you as she answers our 7 Quick Questions!

  1. What made you want to work at Vitamin T? And what do you love most about working here? In my search for a firm that focused specifically in creative, I saw QUITE a few. It impressed me that Vitamin T never spoke poorly of any of their competitors. In fact, I found Vitamin T because a competitor mentioned them to me during an interview... lucky me!

    I've always focused on 3 things for satisfaction at my job:

    • Enjoying the actual job at hand
    • Great people
    • Good money

    Working here has pushed that bar MUCH higher. Now I expect:

    • Everyone can be a leader and everyone can play nice
    • Interdependent teams (that your success is my success)
    • Management and corporate will be advocates of their staff. (The faith this company shows for their employees creates amazing entrepreneurs.)
    • That I will be given the time to build trust with clients and candidates (which serves for a very wonderful night’s rest!)
    1. What’s your favorite interview question?"What did you dislike and like about your last position?" I don't feel like I've truly interviewed a person if I haven’t asked this question. Before asking I always explain to candidates while I appreciate them not COMPLAINING about their last position, I do need an honest answer. I don’t want to send them into a similar scenario because I don't know their culture fit. SO SPILL IT!!!
    2. What do you love about working with creative talent? I LOVE that ten to fifteen years ago there were doodlers or introverts that wanted to go into "ART" and they were told "you're going to be a starving artist." I almost cry when I get to offer these folks an amazing position with great pay. GOOD FOR YOU!!! I'm so proud that I can be part of the success for a creative!
    3. Best creative/digital event in your city? I fancy the Big Design Conference. Great workshops and a fantastic chance to reconnect with old contacts, new contacts, and listen to the buzz. Choose to go to a few workshops and use the rest of the time to mingle (with a GOAL!) You will meet experts in user experience, development, content strategy, gaming, and filmmaking worlds. This is a wonderful way to approach people you thought were unapproachable. No one at this 2-day conference thinks they’re TOO COOL, everyone is super laid back. Oh, and there are always cool t-shirts, great food, and awesome swag!
    4. Who is your creative or digital hero? Mike Monnat (one of our Directors of Business Development) Wow! I thought I knew this industry and creative until he unleashed his GENIUS on me. Thank you, Mike! He's taught me to look at trends, how they evolve, and what the buzz is. We feel invincible with Mike leading our killer sales team. Considering how terrible his handwriting is, it’s amazing that he's got the EYE!
    5. What’s the BEST thing someone can do when looking for a job? Find someone you want to work with and surrender to their guidance. Be honest and trust them! Sometimes we find out important information about a candidate and it's not from them directly... which is not good. Of course, we understand WHY someone wouldn’t want to disclose certain information, but it’s usually viewed as a RED FLAG and can affect whether or not a client or our team would want to work with them.
    6. In your job, what’s been your favorite moment or biggest joy? Crazy enough, JOY is definitely the best word to describe my feelings every day with Vitamin T. I don’t have one favorite moment, but I have a scenario that I love to see time and again: when a candidate isn’t a fit for 10 clients, then suddenly we find a client that can't live without them. Three to four months later they're a perm employee and then a year later they're managing the team and building. That never fails to make me proud!
    7. Looking for outstanding creatives in Dallas? Talk to Julee!

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