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Vitamin of the Week: Jessica Badias (Richmond, VA)


Jessica Badias

With a driving passion for helping others and an appetite for all things creative, to say Jessica finds placing great people in amazing jobs “rewarding” would be a colossal understatement.

See what fuels her passion by reading her answers our 11 Quick Questions and find out her advice for conducting interviews and mistakes NOT to make on your resume!

    1. Best advice to any manager conducting an interview? The interview process starts long before the candidate takes a seat and begins to answer questions and discuss their previous work experience. Try to discreetly observe the front desk or reception area when they first arrive: how do they treat the reception staff? Are they flustered or poised upon arrival? Nonverbal cues are just as important when identifying your next great hire!
    2. Google or Bing? Google.
    3. Biggest mistake people make on their resumes? Putting more of an emphasis on the “what” instead of the “how” by talking about their job duties instead of how their work benefited the company. For example, anyone interested in hiring a designer knows the tasks they perform, what they need to know is the HOW behind that person’s creative process and the successful delivery of their projects!
    4. Describe your city in 5 words. Monumental. Trendy. Historic. Cutting-edge. Innovative.
    5. Favorite meme? But really, what DOES the fox say?
    6. Advice for freelancers to make their first day a successful one? Show up on time wearing those many hats you've had hanging in your closet of GREAT work experience!
    7. Who is your favorite super hero? Batman!
    8. Favorite place to keep up with changes in the digital world? Really, our social media team is top notch. I read their tweets and posts to keep up on EVERYTHING!
    9. Who rocks your world on Twitter? @jimmyfallon.
    10. Favorite type or font? Cambria (Theme Body).
    11. Guilty song pleasure? A true jam... The Spinners’ “Rubberband Man.”

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