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Vitamin of the Week: Jeanne Brown (Portland)

Jeanne Brown

Looking for your perfect creative gig in Portland? Meet agent Jeanne Brown. She’s a native Oregonian dedicated to making sure her talent get the opportunities they deserve!

Heed her advice on why you need to network (even if you’re working with the best staffing agency) and the best digital event in Portland by checking out her answers to our 7 Quick Questions.

Then give her a call!

  1. What’s the BEST thing someone can do when looking for a job? NETWORK! Your existing connections are the best place to start. Why? Because you never know who will introduce you to a client, which will lead to a meeting, which will lead to your next job! Simple! So keep networking!
  2. Best creative/digital event in Portland? Design Week by far. It's a week long design-a-palooza with workshops, lectures, and open houses. That means you get to tour your dream company's office and meet their staff. :)
  3. What made you want to work at Vitamin T? I've always had a love for all things creative and was super excited to have an opportunity to work in the Portland creative community. Talking to someone about their portfolio of work and hearing their passion behind it makes this job so incredible. That and helping someone find their dream job. There's nothing more rewarding than that! :)
  4. What’s one important skill every person should have and why? The ability to truly listen. And it’s gotten so much harder to do. We live in a such a fast-paced world these days, it means a lot to slow down and really hear what others are saying.
  5. What tech innovation has most impacted your life? One little acronym: GPS. How did I find anything before this existed?
  6. As a 5 year old, what did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher. I had a room in my parents’ house set up as a classroom with lesson plans and everything. Okay, maybe I was a little older than 5.....
  7. Name 3 things you think will become obsolete in ten years. Credit cards, plug-in phone chargers, and phone books (is that last one still a thing?)

Looking for that special creative gig in Portland?

Talk to Jeanne!

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