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Vitamin of the Week: Jason Bartek (Detroit)

Jason Bartek

Detroit business development manager Jason Bartek knows it takes a team to make great things happen. He’s got years of experience helping clients hit their goals. And several more helping a team make theirs (as head coach of University of Michigan club hockey team.)

If you need star talent, he’s the guy you want on your team.

Ready to get into the game? Read Jason’s answer to our 7 Quick Questions then call him up!

  1. What made you want to work at Vitamin T? Really a combination of two things: one, I really liked the thought of helping people find jobs in the Detroit market. People here have struggled to find work for a long time. The thought of helping people in the process of find a new job was/is a huge motivator for me. The second factor was the private, family-like atmosphere of Vitamin T. I’ve always worked for large corporate companies and this gave me the opportunity to have a much more personal experience with my employer.
  2. What do you love about working with creative talent? I love that our talent can take a concept and make it come to life. It is awesome to see how they have the ability to turn a company's vision into a reality. I often wish I had their skill set!
  3. Best creative/digital event in your city? Why? In my opinion the best creative event in is NewCo, which allows you to really get to know all of the new and upcoming businesses. For my team, Lizzy, Kitty and myself, meeting so many new companies in this city is a highlight event of our year.
  4. What’s one important skill every person should have and why? It’s got to be the ability to communicate, specifically to communicate to many different types of personalities. The ability to learn the language of the business and communicate with a variety of people is an absolute must for success.
  5. What most excites you about your work and the contribution you make? I get very excited to speak to people/clients about our business structure and our talent. It is fun to let them know how we can help them improve their business and make it a better place by using our services and our people. Relationship building and providing a service are two things that I’m very passionate about
  6. How do you want to be remembered? As a person who wasn't scared to take a risk and got to experience everything that he could.
  7. Favorite GIF?

Looking for incredible freelancers in the Motor City?

Talk to Jason!

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