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Vitamin of the Week: Ilana Black (Chicago)

Ilana Black

Chicago agent Ilana Black believes in the power of networking. She even got the bear on her right a great front end development job. (Bonus, he was allowed to wear his kilt at the office.)

Have some great skills but not in the greatest of gigs? Read her answers to our 7 Quick Questions then give Ilana a call!

  1. What made you want to work at Vitamin T? There was something about the whole team here in Chicago and the prospect of working with creative talent that was incredibly exciting to me. I specifically remember one of my (now) co-workers saying in the interview how she had certain talent who relied on her for work and how empowering and rewarding that was. I desperately wanted to know what that felt like (thanks, Beverly!). And you know what? It is one of the best feelings I've ever had. To top it off, there is nothing cooler than knowing your client has landed major business or won an award and that your talent helped make it happen.
  2. How do you want to be remembered? Someone once told me the highest compliment you could ever receive is being told that you are kind. That has always stuck with me because I truly believe being kind is a mixture of honesty, selflessness, empathy, and patience. I am trying to figure out how to strike that perfect balance, it’s a huge life goal of mine! It wouldn't hurt to be remembered as the biggest Michigan fan the world has ever known as well.... Go Blue!
  3. Biggest myth about being a recruiter? That we're only after making money. I'd rather find someone a dream job, see them flourish, and become the individual they aspire to be than make all the money in the world. But about the money, of course our services can’t be free! We offer so many things to our talent to help ensure they’re successful: medical benefits, dental benefits, non-stop support, free training... the list goes on and on. And we’re doing all of that while working within our clients’ budgets. All in all, it’s a really good deal!
  4. What do you like about working here? I love that I can make my own business. I'm allowed to have real relationships with my clients and my talent and totally be myself. (If you’re my talent, I'm always good for a lunch, Starbucks treat, and as many compliments to boost your ego as you need—I take being a talent advocate really seriously!) Seriously, Vitamin T truly values quality relationships across the board and it's phenomenal to be a part of a company that prides itself accordingly. We've got real personality here and I love standing out from our competitors because of it!
  5. What’s your favorite interview question? “What is your dream job?” It sounds like a typical interview question, but if you ask it in the right way—with no expectations or parameters—it’s incredible to see the joy in people’s faces as they paint a picture of what they'd love to be doing. I enjoy catching people off guard with this because no one has ever asked them where they would truly be happiest. It’s funny that everyone thinks about this ALL the time, but it's so hard to put into words! At the core the majority of people want the same thing: to be truly utilized for their skills and challenged accordingly. Any situation can be turned into a dream opportunity with the right coaching and support system!
  6. As a 5 year old, what did you want to be when you grew up? I had the weirdest ambitions. I wanted to be any of the following:
    • Grocery store bagger/checker (I. Love. Pushing. Buttons.)
    • Postal worker (I liked that they got to talk with so many people!)
    • Bus driver (Mine were always mean, so I wanted to be a nice one.)
    • Airport wheelchair assistant (I like helping people.)
    • Cheerleader (I didn't quite realize the skill needed for it at that age and I loved watching them at football games with my dad!)
  7. What tech innovation has most impacted your life? Social media! I live in a different place than most of my best friends, I love being able to know what is going on in their life in real time and being able to connect with friends/family around the globe!

Looking opportunities in Chi-Town? Talk to Ilana!

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