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Vitamin of the Week: Eric Noar (Boston)


Eric Noar

As a guy who has worked in both the agency and the in-house world, Eric knows our clients inside and out.

Now he patrols the streets of Boston for Vitamin T, keeping a keen eye out for opportunities for amazing creative Talent. Check out his answers to our 11 Quick Questions to find out the best creative event in town and the number one mistake people make when hiring a creative.

  1. What’s the BEST thing you can do when you’re looking for a job? If you're looking for a creative job, give us a call! Seriously, aside from using us, networking is always the best thing to do.
  2. Best tips for a making a great LinkedIn profile? Make sure you have a professional headline, your portfolio is included and your contact information is listed. If you're looking for work, make sure that's very clear in your profile.
  3. Biggest mistake people make on their resumes? Typos! Always triple check your resume before sending out. One typo and the hiring manager is likely to move onto the next resume. I wish I was joking!
  4. Favorite social network & why? I'm a big fan of LinkedIn. It's helped me significantly grow my professional network and connect with some really talented folks.
  5. Best creative/digital event in your city? The MITX What's Next Awards. They honor the most exciting tech, creative, and digital marketing creations in the area.
  6. Number one mistake people make when hiring a creative? They don't do a culture check... someone can have all the qualifications for a position, but if they don't fit in with the company culture, then the relationship will most likely not be successful.
  7. Describe your city in 5 words. Innovative. Strong. Accessible. Historic. "Lobstah!"
  8. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a cop. To protect, serve, and keep the bad guys at bay!
  9. Favorite meme or parody? I love this College of Architecture and Planning one.
  10. Favorite place to keep up with changes in the digital world? Re/code. Veteran journalists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg lead of a team of writers that cover the latest and greatest in the digital & tech world.
  11. Guilty song pleasure? When I was a kid, I was a big fan of Weird Al and I still get a kick out of “Smells Like Nirvana.”

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