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Vitamin of the Week: Deborah Musolff (Chicago)


Deborah Musolff

Moving from our Firebrand division in Sydney, Australia to Chicago wasn’t difficult for this Vitamin T agent.

Except, of course, that she needed to leave the wallaby with the TSA.

A lover of relationship building, finding people great jobs, and engaging with talent and clients over social media, Deborah specializes in bringing personalized experiences, honesty, and transparency into all her work.

Hop into her answers to our 7 Quick Questions, then give her a ring when you need to find fulfilling work in the Chicago area!

  1. In your job, what have been your favorite moments? There have been times when we’ve had big roles to fill at some very big and tough-to-please clients. Once I found the perfect candidate, I had to go to extraordinary lengths to show them that this talent was TRULY special. The day the candidate gets the job is what makes it all so worthwhile.
  2. What made you want to work at Vitamin T and what do you love most about working here? I love that we’ve built a culture of caring and helping, for one another and our clients and talent. It's about making a GOOD QUALITY match that betters people's lives. And that attitude comes straight from the top! Our president (@suzillazilla) and regional managers are accessible, friendly, funny, and fun people that TRULY CARE! We're so lucky!
  3. What do you like about working with creative talent? Everything, from seeing their amazing creations to my interactions with them during interviews and phone calls. And their style as well! I once had talent bring me a bunch of Nutella, since I lived in Australia for so long. :-) Many of these folks have such impressive backgrounds, it astounds me how nonchalant so many are that they’re changing the advertising landscape!
  4. What app do you use regularly that provides great user experience? I have a minor addiction to Bitmoji. It's been great fun getting my friends to download it and create little cartoon versions of themselves. Bitmoji has made the creation process extremely easy and sending hilarious little sayings to your friends even easier. It's constantly updating with new ones to send and it's everything about the app is very intuitive.
  5. What’s your favorite interview question? "What is one thing you can tell me about yourself that I wouldn’t know by looking at your resume or by asking you the standard interview questions?" I can’t tell you how many unique achievements, dreams, and skills I’ve found out about this way. It gets candidates to open up, which in turn helps me position them to clients and help them get the jobs the REALLY want.
  6. Best creative/digital event in your city? That's a tough one, as I've been VERY impressed with all Chicago offers in the year I’ve been here! My go-to places for digital and creative events are Built in Chicago, and, of course, General Assembly!
  7. Who is your creative or digital hero? Jim Webb! I admire the way he can take such difficult topics and make them completely accessible to anyone. I've learned so much from his webinars!

Looking for a fantastic job in Chicago creatives? Talk with Deborah!

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