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Vitamin of the Week: Dani Cunningham (Washington, DC)


Dani Cunningham

A high flying Vitamin T Business Development Manager, Dani is no newcomer to the world of DC digital. Former Account Manager for startups Red Tricycle and the Washington Post’s Service Alley, as well as Marketing Specialist at LivingSocial, Capital City agencies and businesses know they’re in good hands when she’s helping them find creative firepower.

You’ll know you’re in good hands, too, after you read her answers to our 7 Quick Questions!

  1. What made you want to work at Vitamin T? And what do you love most about working here? Our brand. Some may think we are your average, everyday creative staffing agency, but we are far above average! Vitamin T is very deliberate in its mission and message and I think we stand head and shoulders above our competition in both the talent we recruit and the staff we hire. I truly feel blessed to have been chosen to help spread our message!

  2. Best creative/digital event in your city? DC's Startup Grind is my go-to for great tech Meetups and fireside chats with some of the industry's most talented and pioneering professionals. I have met some amazing people there, people on the cusp of changing tomorrow as well as those that have already changed our yesterday. StartUp Grind offers local creatives the opportunity to convene and create. If you haven’t been, go!

  3. As a 5 year old, what did you want to be when you grew up? Oprah...if that can be considered an actual career.

  4. What’s your favorite interview question? "What do you think you can bring to this role?" It's my favorite because it compels the candidate to truly imagine themselves in a role and outline what they'd do to add something to the company. It tells you about their ambitions, their plan of action for the future, and what they plan on doing if you bring them on. If you’re a candidate, you may want to think about answering this question before going into interviews, it may change the way you approach the questions you’re being asked.

  5. What’s the BEST thing someone can do when looking for a job? It boils down to being honest with yourself. Sit down and write about the things you want from your next job and your career. I believe that's the first step. Truly visualize what you want for yourself, starting with the "Must Haves" and including "Don't Really Needs." Keep that list handy as you apply for jobs and take those initial phone screens. Definitely keep it front of mind as you begin your interview process.

  6. In your job, what’s been your favorite moment or biggest joy? Simply stated, connecting amazing talent with great companies. That's the difference between moving a company's mission forward and just keeping them afloat.

  7. Who is your creative or digital hero? Steve Jobs. I think, like most of us, we’d find ourselves impaired in a world without his inventions and influence. I love the world he helped create! My life is much richer because of the capabilities of my iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook!

Looking for outstanding creatives in Washington, DC? Talk to Dani!

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