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Vitamin of the Week: Courtney Lewis (New York, NY)

Source: @thejorgecolombo

Courtney Lewis

Courtney is a big believer that "good things happen around those who connect.” Sure enough, every time she matches a Vitamin T talent with a great client, great things happen!

Below Courtney shares tips to make your first day as a freelancer great, the biggest mistake you can make on a resume, and (of course) her guilty song pleasure.

  1. Advice for freelancers to make their first day a successful one? Being on time should be understood. My best advice is to take a deep breath and relax. Go into your new role with an open mind and the willingness to help whenever possible. Stay flexible and give 110%!
  2. Biggest mistake people make on their resumes? We hear it over and over but it's true: SPELLING! That being said, I also see so many people getting caught up on the design of their resume rather than the content. Content is key! Be clear and concise about what you do and highlight your areas of expertise. Don't overwhelm, stick to the point, and remember you can always elaborate in the interview.
  3. Favorite place to keep up with changes in the digital world? The Verge and Mashable.
  4. Best digital event in your city? I have two favorites: The Webby Awards and Internet Week New York! This year the Webbys will celebrate 18 years(!) of honoring excellence on the Internet including websites, interactive advertising, and online film and video. IWNY is a jam-packed celebration of the Internet industry and community.    
  5. Describe your city in 5 words. Invigorating. Diverse. Excessive. Unparalleled. Beautiful!!
  6. Best advice to any manager conducting an interview? Do less talking and more listening. :) Use the 80/20 rule. Let the talent spend 80% of the time telling you about their experience and skills while you listen. This requires you asking open-ended questions which dig deeper than yes/no questions. Spend your 20% of the time asking those questions and discussing company objectives and culture.  
  7. Best example of awesome UX? Amazon, of course! Somehow I end up with more things in my shopping cart than originally planned. They get me every time.
  8. Who rocks your world on Twitter? @DesignerDepot.
  9. Favorite type or font? Klinic Slab.
  10. Traits that clients ask for most? Our clients are looking for friendly (ahem, no egos) and collaborative individuals to join their team. They're interested in quick learners who are driven and flexible.
  11. Guilty song pleasure? Stevie Nicks, "Edge of Seventeen." Who doesn't love to belt this out?!?!

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