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Vitamin of the Week: Beverly Shulman (Chicago)


Beverly Shulman

Chicago Agent Beverly Shulman says there’s no better feeling than finding someone the perfect job. (See her answer to question #1.) Lucky for her and our talent, finding people great jobs is something she gets to do nearly every day.

With experience in staffing, the fine arts, and relationship management, we love that she’s making amazing creative matches all over the Windy City.

Get on board as she answers our 7 Quick Questions. And if you’re looking for a great creative job, give her a call!

  1. In your job, what’s been your favorite moment or biggest joy? My biggest joy? Helping people find jobs. Most especially for talented people who really need a job. I love being able to watch people grow in their careers, that’s not something you get to do in many jobs.

  2. What app do you use regularly that provides great user experience? I love Rue La La. I am not a huge online shopper, but the app makes you love looking. And REALLY easy to buy!

rue la la image

  1. What made you want to work at Vitamin T? And what do you love most about working here? I love working every day with my Chicago team! My passion for the creative space made me want to work here.

  2. What’s your favorite brand and why? I am really into Rebecca Minkoff. Her stuff is edgy, but classy. And the interactive tech she’s introduced into her new store will set a new standard for retail shopping.

  1. Best creative/digital event in your city? Creative Mornings. I think it is one of the most valuable  and useful events in the city. You should definitely check out if they have one in your area. You won’t regret it. Don’t have one yet? Not a problem, they post videos of their talks!

creative mornings

  1. If you had to pick two celebrities to be your parents, who would they be? I love my parents! I actually wouldn't want to pick any replacements, celebrity or not!

  2. As a 5 year old, what did you want to be when you grew up? A fashion designer or a supreme court justice.

Looking for great freelance opportunities in Chicago? Connect with Beverly!

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