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Vitamin of the Week: Adrienne Kincaid (San Diego)


Adrienne Kincaid

With 11+ years of creative staffing experience and currently the Market Manager & Director of Business Development for our San Diego office, Adrienne knows a thing or two (or 5 or 6) about delivering exceptional service and keeping her finger on the pulse of the digital creative world.

Ready to hear her thoughts on how to hire the right person for the job? Or five ways to market yourself on social media? Read her answers to our 11 Quick Questions and find out!

  1. Describe San Diego in 5 words. Surf and sun meets innovation.
  2. The number one mistake people make when hiring a creative? Not working with the talent before extending an offer of employment.The risk of hiring the wrong person is not only expensive, but can be long and painful. We’ve found working with talent on a contract basis or on a project basis before deciding to hire permanently always leads to better matches.
  3. Favorite social network & why? Without a doubt, LinkedIn. I’m a connector at heart and work in a field where the talent are movers and shakers. I like to get updates to see what they’re learning and what they’re talking about. It also lets me keep in touch with people as they progress in their careers.
  4. Digital or creative hero? To me, Steve Jobs inspired and drove the digital revolution AND design perfection. Even when I was very little and just starting to use the Apple IIC, I appreciated the user friendly design of Apple's products. Now in my job today, I often talk to clients who are seeking talent with that clean design aesthetic and a sensibility that’s often referenced back to the Apple brand.
  5. Best way for freelancers to market themselves on social media? On that topic I’ve got a lot of advice!
  • Follow companies and individuals who are thought leaders in your field. These channels will help you keep abreast of changes and updates in the space.
  • Check to see where targeted prospects are participating.
  • Review which groups those targeted prospects are participating in and then to look for ways to connect.
  • Once you join the group and conversation, provide value by contributing to relevant discussions, but don't expect anything in return (it will come!)
  1. What’s the BEST thing you can do when you’re looking for a job? In addition to picking up the phone and calling Aquent | Vitamin T ;-)(and making sure your portfolio, and resume are updated)... tap into your own extended network. Check out who in your network is hiring by scouting out LinkedIn postings, ask for referrals to contacts at companies you are interested in working for, join a local association in your area of expertise, and attend networking events such as Meetup groups and local seminars in your field. But before doing all this, make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and that you have recent recommendations from people who can vouch for your work.
  2. Best creative/digital event in your city? There are quite a few, but the best digital marketing and ad tech conference in my opinion is San Diego Interactive Day. It is an event that attracts tons of people from San Diego and nearby cities.
  3. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I always thought I wanted to be a doctor, but once I figured out I was super squeamish, I knew that future was not going to become a reality.
  4. Biggest mistake people make on their resumes? Having so much text that it’s hard to quickly extrapolate what the accomplishments for each role has been. You only have so much time with your resume in a prospective employer’s hands, make it easy for them by highlighting only the hard facts and skills.
  5. Favorite meme or parody? Brian Williams Rapping "Rapper's Delight".

  1. Guilty song pleasure? Cyndi Lauper's "Girls just want to have fun!"

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