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Vitamin of the Week: Adam Gezelle (Washington, DC)


Our DC agent Adam Gezelle knows the creative business from every side: he’s been a creative account manager at a global media company, a freelance designer, and a creative agent for over 8 years.

Looking for a great gig in the DC market? Read all about Adam as he answers our 7 Quick Questions then give him a call!

  1. What do you love about working with creative talent? Since graduating from college with a degree in graphic design, I have surrounded myself with creative people and environments. It makes me happy to work with creative like-minded people—whether they’re a junior designer two weeks out of school or a VP of creative. I love learning new things and getting that spark of enthusiasm when I talk shop with perspective creative talent. I love being able to give advice, interacting, and learning from our creative talent as well!

  2. One question a candidate should always ask in a job interview? “What does this company most value and how do you think my work here will further these values?” It’s a pretty important question.

  3. What do you love most about your work? It excites me to find creative professionals amazing jobs they deserve and desire. I also enjoy helping clients build their creative departments when they need an extra hand.

  4. The tech innovation that has most impacted your life? I would say the iPhone. Do I really need to explain this? ; )

  5. What’s one important skill every person should have? I’ll tell you straight up: the ability to operate a traditional manual transmission (aka, a stick shift)!

  6. How did you get into recruiting? Actually I was working in the creative industry for years and it was kind of a happy accident. I have enjoyed every minute of it!

  7. Favorite GIF? Don’t try this at home.


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