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Vince Vaughn Crashes the Stock Photo World


Poor stock photos. They’re a bit like fast food.

Billions sell every year, yet most will never actually admit to purchasing them. (Or collecting the Hunger Games action figures given with children’s meals.)

Which makes this promotion by Fox and Getty Images for the movie Unfinished Business all the more hilarious.

They’ve had a Photoshop genius go into the stock photo storehouse, and replace the faces of a few of the models with the stars of the movie, Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson.

Here’s the before:

vince vaughn before

And the after:

vince vaughn after

Getty will have twelve images available for free download over three weeks.

Here’s the first four.

Sadly, they’re for editorial use only. If you want to have Vince and Co. on your swag, you’ll have to contact his people.

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