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UX Thursday - Live from DETROIT!


We told you it’d be coming...

We just launched our new UX Thursday site so you can now get all the info you’ll ever need on the world’s most awesome User Experience conference!

Brainchild of Jared Spool, Vitamin T, and User Interface Engineering, UX Thursday is a local conference designed especially for UX pros (and their budgets).

It’s a one-day event with six great presentations from local superstars and keynotes from two leading UX experts. You can check out Chicago’s recent lineup or go ahead and register for our June 2013 event in Detroit.

But of course, we’d like to bring this event to you—since we’re dying to make this your Hometown UX Conference.

Just vote on the home page where you want to see UX Thursday next. Atlanta? Denver? Tampa? You tell us!

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