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UX is Not a Joke (Or Is It?)

Source: Ha-Wee

Joshua Porter, writing about a New York Times video piece on Jerry Seinfeld, posits how eerily similar UI design is to the comedian writing a joke.

Sure, you may have seen this type of comparison before:

But this one has Jerry Seinfeld live and in person (okay, on video) working out the material for a bit, which is worth the price of admission itself. (Which, by the way, is free.)

And a bit which, no kidding, he’s been working on for two years.

Here’s what Joshua saw in Jerry’s process that he believes translates to good UI design:

  1. He works in low fidelity.
  2. He tests on small audiences first.
  3. He works as long as he needs to to get it right.
  4. It’s a messy process.
  5. He convinces with contrast.

The whole post is here. And of course, the video:

And yes, this post could have been called, “A Post About Nothing.

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