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UX Designer? Get a Free Downloadable UX Design Kit!


Our friends at LA UX Meet-Up created this cool UX Design Kit that’s perfect for anyone involved in user experience.

Why should you download this UX Design Kit?

For starters, it’s been designed by a 3-person team with over 55+ years of UX design knowledge:

  • Shri Jambhekar, Director, User Experience Design & Research at YP
  • David Nguyen, Director of User Experience,
  • Noel Saw, UX Designer/Advisor and President & Founder of Neochrome, Inc.

Also, it’s not just meant for beginners (it includes definitions of common UX terms and how the  processes work), but for any UXer looking to get his or her hands on some really nice, not to mention resourceful, worksheets (including an empathy map, user journey, Osborn checklist, and a business canvas).

It’s a whopping 27 pages of great info.

Did we mention (again) that it’s free?

If you love it, be sure to share!


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