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UX, Design, and Development Insights: The Best of An Event Apart 2014


With nine different shows in nine cities, it was hard to limit ourselves to picking just nine of our favorite moments from the 2014 An Event Apart shows. But we figured we should, just so you have time afterward to register before the 2015 shows sell out (and we know they will!)

Our 9 Favorite Moments from the AEA 2014 Shows

  1. Hearing Jason Grigsby talk about embedding media queries inside SVG images. Lucky us, he shares the details on his Cloud Four Blog.
  2. Getting our hands on Luke Wroblewski’s lecture notes. It’s like being able to look over the shoulder of the smartest guy in the class. He has notes from over 300 An Event Apart talks.
  3. Josh Clark informing us that there are Swiss cows who send texts to announce they’re in heat. (It’s a fact that’s sure fun to share at parties.)
  4. Giving away 18 A Book Apart libraries! It was so much fun, we’re going to do it again next year.
  5. Seeing Chris Coyier’s Compendium of SVG Information. We agree with Jeffrey Zeldman, who calls it “ridiculously huge.”
  6. Kate Kiefer Lee giving everyone access to MailChimp's Voice and Tone Guide.
  7. Seeing Jeffrey Zeldman’s photos from all the AEA events. It’s great to see images taken with something a lot nicer than our smartphones.
  8. Having the AEA team create whole An Event Apart resource page with articles, links, and tools from every 2014 show.
  9. Listening to Mike Monteiro tell us “How Designers Destroyed the World.” (Which was nicely summarized by Amazon UX designer, Brian Thurston Bralczyk.)

Even if you didn’t go to any of the An Event Apart shows this year, you should definitely start planning for the shows in 2015. It’s best to plan early, because all the shows will sell out.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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