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Toronto: 4 Million People Can’t Be Wrong

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SXSW? How about NXNE? We’re talking Toronto!

Home to digital conference juggernaut FITC, this enlightened, multicultural city is wired for interactive creatives.

The fifth largest city in North America, this sleepy town went from 650,000 residents to 4+ million almost overnight, when 5 sprawling suburbs were added to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Looking to add to the population by one?

Then check out our interview with Vitamin T Regional Director and Toronto resident, Julie Robinson to find out more about this booming Megacity.

Vitamin T: What do you love most about Toronto?

Julie: Aside from being a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Ontario, and the largest city in Canada, I really love the diversity here. And I’m not just talking people, even the restaurants are diverse. Since one in two Torontonians was born somewhere else, expect to see menus reflect food from Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, and all over Europe. Yum!

In Toronto, we love our Raptors and look forward every September to the spectacle that is the the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the leading public film festival in the world. You could sit down watch all the 300+ films shown each year, but I would advise against it.

Vitamin T: Why is Toronto a great place for interactive talent?

Julie: This is an amazing place filled with talent who have made a huge impact on the creative industry.  James Cameron, the director of Avatar and Titanic, was a Torontonian - talk about interactive! We have great interactive agencies (see below) and some of the hottest design schools on the planet: OCAD and Sheridan College.

Vitamin T: What advice would you have for talent moving to Toronto?

Julie: Bring boots for the winter, there’s lots of snow here! Newcomers should copy what residents do and buy a subway pass; it's the best way to travel through the city.
Take advantage of all of the events that we have every weekend. This is a very easy to place to meet people, shop, and get customised. And bring your bike - Toronto is very bike friendly!

Vitamin T: What are some great networking organizations to connect with in Toronto?

Julie: Here’s a good start. But there are so many networking events, definitely do some looking around on your own!

Vitamin T: Who are some of the hottest ad agencies in the city?

Julie: All the major agencies are here, so it’s hard to say which is hottest. For starters, check out...

Vitamin T: What odd factoids can you share about Toronto that newcomers wouldn't know?


  • Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, William Shatner, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling, and Barenaked Ladies? ALL from the Greater Toronto Area.
  • You can edge walk off the CN Tower!
  • Caribana! North America’s largest street festival. Over one million people gather each summer to celebrate Caribbean culture.

Looking to learn more about living and working in Toronto? Then you should connect with our Toronto Vitamin T team!

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