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Top 5 Ways to Approach a Hiring Manager

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Aside from using Vitamin T to achieve all your career goals, what’s the best way for you to reach your next hiring manager? (We’re assuming here that you know who they are. For those who haven’t answered that question yet, we’ll have another blog for you in the near future.)

We get asked this question a lot, so we felt compelled to answer it. Which, of course, led us to our very lovely and extremely intelligent staff, who are talking to hiring managers every single day.

We asked them, “Just what in the heck does an amazing talent have to do to get noticed out there?”

NOTE: The following assumes we all know not to act like we’re:

  • Desperate
  • A stalker
  • A desperate stalker

We hope we didn’t make too many assumptions.

Here are our top answers for the best way to reach your next hiring manager:

  1. An overwhelming 45% of our staff recommended you find them on LinkedIn and try to reach out through second or third degree connections you have at the company
  2. 21% said you should seek them out (not stalk!) at networking events
  3. 12% advised you to send a handwritten note with your business card and resume
  4. 12% said you should send cookies to the entire department (still our favorite answer)
  5. 10% asked why you’d want to reach out to a hiring manager on your own when you can work through Vitamin T (someone obviously has been drinking the Kool-Aid; we can’t blame them, we ate the bagels)

So that’s our staff’s advice. Agree? Disagree?

Know a better way of contacting a hiring manager we didn’t think of? Post it and share with the world!

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