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Top Tips for Using LinkedIn for your Job Search

If you’re a LinkedIn employee or investor you’ve gotta be over the moon right now about the skyrocketing stock prices. Woo hoo! Your island escape awaits! 
For the rest of you, it’s a fantastic time to spruce up your LinkedIn profile. With so much attention on the site, why not put yourself in the spotlight. Here are seven tips for making the most of your LinkedIn profile.
  1. Build your network. LinkedIn isn’t as “sticky” as Facebook. You need to work a bit to build connections. Ask previous employers, colleagues, schoolmates, and other associates to connect with you. Joining groups to connect with other people in your industry that might not be in your network is a great way extend your connections.
  2. Remember the six degrees of separation rule. Search for companies you want to work for and find people you know who have connections there to help make introductions for you. You might even ask them for tips on getting in the door, or what's it's really like to work there. Make sure you're following those companies as well, so you get updates!
  3. Optimize your profile. Use keywords in your profile to match the types of jobs you want.
  4. Strut your stuff. Highlight your top accomplishments, not just your job history. List organizations you're a member of that correspond with your profession and industry.
  5. Solicit recommendations. Ask your biggest advocates to write recommendations. But don’t have too many. (People actually read these to get a feel for who you are.) Don't forget to recommend others as well.
  6. Give them more. Include a link to a PDF or Word version of your resume for hiring managers to take away. Or if you really want to wow, check out the Display app developed by Behance for LinkedIn, which allows you to show your work right there in your profile!
  7. Make a connection. Post a professional photo (remember, this is for your job search, not your Facebook friends). Let them put a face to the name!

Have you found LinkedIn useful for your job search?

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