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Top 10 Reasons to Start Planning Your Holiday Coverage Now

Source: kevin dooley

10. Two words: Influenza. Wait, that’s one word. How about this: salmonella poisoning.

9. Your “Use it or Lose it” budget turns into a pumpkin empty champagne flute, at midnight on December 31st.

8. You’ll need emergency fixes on all those projects that are done. Or, rather, all those projects you thought were done.

7. Your overworked staff is swamped during holidays and craves both design help and a morale boost. (Though our carefully screened talent are cheerful, they are not elves. So don’t get your hopes up.)

6. Trust us. You’ll need emergency coverage for the day after the office holiday party. (Not to mention those pesky vacations and last minute shopping “colds”.)

5. That holiday card isn’t going to design itself. You’ll need creative help when you discover that everyone else is too busy to work on this year’s interactive holiday card.

4. You’ll be alone when inclement weather cancels every flight in the country, stranding your staff in Poughkeepsie and beyond. Think about it.

3. Your boss wants to see your plan for next year, this year. You haven’t even started it yet. Heck, this year’s work is only halfway done...

2. The best kind of “wrapping” is wrapping up those lingering client projects before the end of the year.

1. You need at least 8 people to go caroling.

Regardless of why you need extra hands during this holiday season, we’re here for you... even if your staff is not! So contact an agent pronto and make sure your holiday season is filled with comfort and joy.

Vitamin T:  Better than fruitcake.

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