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Top digital marketing trends to capitalize on now


Yesterday I bought cat litter and saw the company’s Facebook page listed on the side of the bag. Seriously? Unless they’re going to change the litter box for me, I’m not going to be compelled to “like” them.

This drove home a point made by author Rick Mathieson about social media: Not every brand needs a Facebook page. This is the year marketers will recalibrate against all the social media hype.

In a recent AMA - Aquent webcast, Mathieson advised marketers to look at how to best generate substantive results from social media. His advice: Whatever you do, make it truly social. While marketers initially thought of social media as a way for people to connect with their brands, it’s morphing into a way for people to connect with each other.

Digital marketing trends like social media, mobile, smart advertising, branded games, and augmented reality are completely transforming the way we communicate and how we market products. The webcast is filled with tips on engaging customers in exciting new ways.

A few notable digital marketing successes highlighted in the webinar:

  • Targeted social media success: 78 percent of women in the US with children ages 0-10 visit Johnson & Johnson’s to share photos, ask questions, and commiserate with one another. By building a community around motherhood, J&J has found a fantastic way to reinforce its brand and market its products.
  • Event-driven social media success: Dell made $3M by making limited-time offers exclusively to its Twitter followers.
  • Branded game success: Games are a way to make consumers feel good about a brand and to drive sales. Burger King not only made $11M in revenue from branded games, its burger sales shot up 10 percent when they gave away the games in their stores.
  • Mobile marketing success: Brands are using mobile to extend experiences beyond online and into the physical world in a way that’s redefining retailing. Case in point: With Gap’s mobile app you instantly receive offers based on past purchase history and stated preferences the moment you walk into a Gap store. You’ll even be directed where to find your favorite pair of jeans, as well as a great top to go with them. And you can bypass the register by making the purchase from your phone.
  • Augmented reality campaign success: At one Bloomingdales boutique, shoppers engage in social retailing. Not only can they take photos and video of themselves and get real-time feedback from their network of friends, they can actually use the dressing room mirror as a touch screen interface to do things like pull in other similar outfits to try them on “virtually”.
  • Smart advertising success: Telecoms like mBell are improving click-through rates with behavioral and contextual ads. By instantly mining online data such as your age, location, personal interests, profession, clickstream, past purchase history, etc., they dynamically present an ad that will best appeal to you.

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