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Three Traits Every Designer Needs to Create a Great Customer Experience


In today’s digital world, customers are bombarded with countless messages from hundreds of brands. Experienced creative teams know that to be successful, their work has to make customers take notice, react, and engage. And in today’s digital world, data and feedback arrive almost in real time, so teams have to deliver these meaningful experiences faster than ever.

So the question is, do you have what it takes to be an integral part of a top design team?

After interviewing almost 8,000 talent for industry-leading companies, our expert network—seasoned pros in UX, Marketing Technology (MarTech), and Web Development who conduct our Independent Assessments—identified the three most important traits a designer needs to create great customer experiences.

Read on and see how you stack up!


The best creatives  know that coming up with great ideas and executing on them is rarely a linear process. And while they know that process is important, they don’t let it limit their creative potential.

"The people who find success in today’s creative roles are those who are able to keep pushing the boundaries of exploration, without losing sight of the end goal,” says Jason Brownewell, an award-winning UX leader and Vitamin T expert interviewer.

Signs you’re doing it right: You continually strive to come up with fresh ideas. You’re comfortable negotiating tradeoffs. You make decisions based on the latest information, even if it means having to scrap your hard work and start all over again.


When a designer can harness their inquisitive nature to uncover important insights about the customer experience, everybody wins. They ask insightful discovery questions to enhance their understanding of the customer, and are inventive when it comes to learning more about their audience.

"Curiosity is a crucial but often overlooked trait in the professional world," says Katie Osborne, a Vitamin T expert interviewer who focuses on building high-functioning, collaborative UX teams.   

Signs you’re doing it right: You follow the latest shifts in technology and understand how to apply those to the customer journey. You immerse yourself in the available research. You have an inexhaustible appetite for learning.


Armed with their deep understanding of the customer, the best designers can gracefully articulate why their design is the most effective solution. With their insightful, creative-focused commentary, top designers are an invaluable partner to the marketing team.

"Leading designers always have a point of view about the work they're creating, especially when collaborating with team members, gathering feedback, or presenting to a stakeholder," says Abdul Suleiman, a UX subject matter expert who has been interviewing UX talent since 2008.

Signs you’re doing it right: You have a productive, collaborative relationship with your marketing department and other key internal stakeholders, and they consistently look to you for your insights and expertise.

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