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The Work and Cultures of Three Unique UK Creative Agencies


The Vitamin T London team recently hosted our first Agency Showcase event.

Three creative agencies spoke about how they are structured and why, what makes them unique and showed us some examples of the amazing creative work they have recently produced.

Read on for a profile of each agency, alongside some of our favourite pieces of their work.



No. of employees: 205

No. of offices: 4

In which cities / countries are you based: Essex, Norwich, Dusseldorf, Detroit

Year company started: 1963

Examples of companies you work with: Ford, Aston Martin, Triumph, Tag Heuer, Mothercare, Nikon, Taylor Wimpey

Specialism: Burrows helps businesses communicate through design, development and deployment of creative content across multiple channels. We excel at projects where design, CGI and digital meet.

Your company ethos: We encourage all our staff to be the best that they can be. We invest in our people, as they are our biggest asset. And, on the odd occasion you have to work late, we pay overtime!

Company Culture: We want to encourage people to reverse the trend of commuting into London, hence why we have our head office in Essex. We foster a creative environment where our people can think, innovate and create.

What excites you about the future of design: Emerging technologies (such as VR and AR) will allow us to connect with consumers in more engaging and memorable ways. Technology has gone from a commodity, to a way of life.


Aston Martin fully responsive configurator


Ford Motor Company interactive brochures


Mothercare toybox animation



No. of employees: 30

No. of offices: 1

In which cities / countries are you based: London

Year company started: 2013

Examples of companies you work with: Global Radio (Radio X, Capital FM, Heart FM), innovation companies such as Good Innovation, 2Igloos, Manifesto, lots of soon-to-be household name start-ups!

Specialism: We apply our beautiful, well crafted design and content to a variety of communications within a range of mediums, that always makes our clients look amazing.

Your company ethos: We want to make a difference in the community. This is both locally in our Hackney Wick community but also helping global charities in a very practical way with Cause2Create, which enables creatives to donate their time, skills and ideas to help good causes through events such as creative hacks.

Company Culture: HeyBigMan! is made up of good friends who love creating stuff together and working out of The Penthouse, our locally renowned, vibrant studio space at the heart of the Hackney Wick creative community. We genuinely love what we do and feel fortunate that we get to go to work each day and produce work to surprise and delight our clients, and we always try our best to ensure everybody we work with, whether it’s clients or collaborators, shares in our enjoyment.

What excites you about the future of design: VR is exciting because it’s about immersion and it’s sensory - it makes creativity very real and can capture the attention. But we’re suckers for old fashioned design too! We love simple quality design, the feel and texture of paper. We think the future of design is actually going to go back to old school print.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 16.54.34

Curador brand creation and website design


Inkly new brand identity

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 16.48.17

Cabaret Club brand identity, high-end brand photography, website and packaging


Qumin Logo small

No. of employees: 25

No. of offices: 2

In which cities / countries are you based: London, Shanghai

Year company started: 2012

Examples of companies you work with: Sony, Urban Outfitters, Eurostar, Wrigley/Mars, Manchester United, Pret A Manger

Specialism: Qumin is the UK’s first Chinese Creative Agency. Creative and production is our bread and butter, but we also love data and analytics. Combining the charm of advertising with the sheer attribution power of technical digital marketing is what we do – creative with a propose. We like to think we are a haven for the best artists and geeks in London and Shanghai!

Your company ethos: We are firm believers in a good work/life balance. And we put this into practice with flexible work hours, 7 hour work days, an early finish on Fridays and 29 days of holiday – just some of our benefits. We work with friends and we work for friends. We focus on personal development and growth – it’s the only way to continuously produce world class campaigns.

Company Culture: We are a Chinese Creative Agency, but it’s not about coming to a Chinese business or speaking Chinese - though we do have a lot of bi-lingual staff - it’s about doing cutting edge and innovative work. It’s about working with some of the most ambitious brands in the world, on the most powerful platforms in the world. It may be challenging at the start, but that’s the fun part – learning! China is no longer a nation of copycats, it’s leading innovation for the rest of the world.

What excites you about the future of design: The convergence of print and digital. Heritage, charm and perfect execution of print applied to the possibilities of digital.


The Monkey King illustration campaign


Chinatown London branding


Regent Street New Year campaign

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