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The Webby Awards Talent Spotlight: Shawn Ebeyer


Meet Vitamin T super talent, Shawn Ebeyer. Based out of Toronto, Shawn has a keen knack for front-end development and passion for interactive design. We caught up with Shawn this past week and chatted about his current work and future goals in the world of Web development.

How did you get involved with Web development?

It all began when I took a course at HackerYou. They offer courses to people who want to learn to code. The course I took was a 9-week full-time front-end web development immersive, focused on teaching you fundamentals of web development such as, HTML, CSS, and responsive design.

What was your first assignment after graduating from HackerYou?

After graduating from HackerYou and joining Vitamin T, my first assignment was a freelance project that was super enjoyable. It was for a Toronto-based branding and design company that required a full redesign and rebuild of their site. The challenging part was the current site was built with a CMS called Drupal, and phase one of the project was to edit some content and elements on that site until the new site I developed was ready to launch. Once that piece was done, I used WordPress as the CMS for the new site.

What is the best part about what you do?

I think my favorite part of being a front-end developer is I get to do something that I love every day. I love the collaboration with different members of the team, the creative process, and the fairly instant visual feedback front-end development provides. There is so much to learn—and it can be overwhelming at times—but on the flip side, I think that very same challenge is something necessary for Front End Development to remain so exciting.

What’s next for you?

Well I have just signed up for a part-time course called “Intro to Ruby on Rails” to learn more about back-end development. I have also began mentoring students at HackerYou in my freetime. I began as a “boot camp buddy” and I was a dedicated point person for a student taking the 9-week intensive. I was there to give them an extra hand if they were struggling with any of the material. This transitioned into mentoring other HackerU students. I like the idea of giving back to a community. I feel it’s important for young people to learn Web development skills. I’ve learned so much from HackerYou and it feels good to be helping others. I am happy to be working and doing what I love.

Per Webby Awards tradition, tell us in 5 words why you love your job.

Always learning. Amazed by code.

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