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The 2013 Vitamin T | Aquent Calendar!

Source: Suzy Everson

We all get a bit slobbery around the office this time of year in eager anticipation of getting our paws on the yearly Vitamin T | Aquent calendar.

Well, it’s finally here!

Chock full of imagery created by our amazing talent from around the world, it’s 13 months worth of designy goodness. (And yes, we know there are only 12 months. January 2014 was included for those of us who can’t bring themselves to buy a new calendar until February.)

But back to the designers. Honestly, we’re a lucky bunch (which you’ll realize when you see the incredible work our talent do and share with us in the calendar). Every year we work with thousands of creative talent, helping them realize their dream of actually getting paid to do what they love. And we love them for doing just that.

Here’s a hearty shout out to all our talented designers for contributing their work!

Without you, we’d be putting out a calendar of bad doodles from our president (her only recognizable illustration is a star and its artistic merits are questionable)... Trust us, these calendars are much, much, much better.

Here’s looking forward to helping thousands more designers have a great 2013!

And if you’re near a cheerful Vitamin T office and want to have a look at one of these things in person (and even take one for your very own office), just give us a call!

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