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The Top 10 Best of the Best of the Best Lists

Source: Piutus
Everyone loves a great “best of” list, right? Problem is, there are so MANY out there, especially this time of year (i.e., 10 Best Cats Flushing Toilets Videos, 10 Best New TGIF’s Appetizers, Best Ashton Kutcher Tweets), that it’s fairly easy to get lost.

So we rounded up a few great ones that we feel are probably more up your creative-type alley (not that we don’t like Friday’s appetizers, but “best” in that case is a little subjective...)

If your upcoming holiday flight is wifi-enabled, all the better. Hey, if we can save one person from looking at SkyMall, we consider our work here done. So pull up a legroom-challenged airline seat, or whatever’s closest, and check out some of the best of the best of the “best of” lists we could find, just for you. Consider us your personal list shoppers. You’re welcome.

Here’s our Top 10 Best of the “Best Of” Lists of 2011 List (that’s a mouthful):

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