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The Shoreditch Interviews: Get Inspired by London’s Top Creatives [Part 8]


Today we finish up the last of our interviews with the UK’s brightest creative stars at this year’s sold out Career Day at London’s Digital Shoreditch.

So sit back and soak up some great inspiration until next year’s event!

Stuart Neale
Senior Art Director

After winning the award for the UK’s most unemployable graduate with a degree in Fine Art and Philosophy, Stuart quickly moved into digital and worked for over ten years at a number of creative agencies before ending up at Detica. Stuart is a digital art director who combines creative expertise with thorough business and customer understanding to create award-winning experiences.

Follow: @deticacreative

Quick, what does Detica do? “Creative Intelligence - that's what you get when you combine the user-centred approach of our digital media team with Detica’s business and technical expertise.” That’s what we say officially. Unofficially we’re a nice, reasonably talented bunch of creative people inside a huge IT consultancy, trying to make lovely looking, usable digital things.

Why do you do what you do? Because I can’t think of myself doing anything else.

Why were you at Digital Shoreditch? Reviewing portfolios. Meeting some of the lovely, budding young talent out there, and hopefully giving some advice, direction and encouragement. (And because the nice people at Vitamin T asked me to.)

Shoreditch v Soho? Bankside.

AR - pointless or life changing? Neither.

iPhone or Android or Blackberry? All of them (for testing). Leads to heavy pockets

App that you can't do without? Peppa Pig’s Party Time – keeps my daughter occupied.

Start-ups - Europe or Asia or US? Just been to Thinking Digital so have to say Europe.

Work you’re most proud of? NSPCC (a long time ago)

We’re incredibly grateful to all the amazing and talented creatives who donated their time to make Digital Shoreditch Career Day a wonderful and nurturing experience.

If you didn’t manage to get to Digital Shoreditch this year, next year, make sure you don’t miss out!

Of course, we’re always available if you’re looking to grow your career. Just drop us a line, or an email.

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