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The Road to Getting a Great NPS Score: Communication

Two Best of Staffing Diamond awards over a road

“Customers are most often viewed as a whole, but your customer base is actually a collection of unique experiences and potential opportunities.” - Jonas Stanford, Director of Customer Success at Unbounce

We hear it time and again, the essential element that sets top companies apart from their competition: communication. Real relationships—not AI, call centers, and chatbots.

From the client buying your service to the conversations with your boss, seamless communication is vital to running a successful business. (And don’t forget your staff! Our blog post on incentives showed just how important it is to communicate real-time feedback to staff, critical in a talent-driven market.)

We were reminded of this once again when our latest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) were released yesterday. For the uninitiated, NPS scores remain one of the most trusted forms of measuring customer satisfaction. Developed by business strategist Fred Reichheld, it has been adopted by more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies to gauge customer loyalty. Through a simple questionnaire, respondents use a 0–10 scale to rate businesses. The core question being, “How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend or colleague?” For years, Vitamin T has partnered with ClearlyRated (formerly known as Inavero), to administer surveys to ensure we’re serving both our clients and our talent.

The results are in, and we heard them loud and clear: Communication to both clients and talent was key to winning high NPS scores and taking home more Best of Staffing Awards. A whopping 22% of clients and 24% of talent surveyed indicated that Good Communication/Responsiveness were key to them giving high marks in our company evaluation. As you know, shoutouts about your service are always great to read:

“The reps are extremely responsive, adapt to meet our needs, and go above and beyond to offer helpful information.” - Current client

“I've always had great job opportunities, communication, and an overall smooth process with you guys versus any of the other agencies I've worked with in the past!” - Current talent

But one of the most interesting findings from the survey was the answer to this question: “What, if anything, could Vitamin T do differently to increase the value you receive from them?” Of all surveyed, 17% of clients and 32% of talent suggested, “improving communication and follow-up.”

The key takeaway: You can ALWAYS improve communication with your customers, even if you’ve won their trust with Best of Staffing Awards seven years in a row. (Sorry, we did have to toot our own horn a little. If you’re interested in just how fanatical we are about customer service, we’ve got a page for you!)

It's advice we’re taking to heart. And in 2020, we’re making a promise to improve our communications with the clients and talent we interact with every day.

As Jim Collins said in his legendary business leadership book, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t, “Greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.”

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