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The Most Common Job Interview Deal Breakers


Hoping to find your dream job? We surveyed our audience of agency professionals to see what impressed them during interviews and what made them want to show the candidate the door.

Heed their tips for your next big interview!

Be Prepared

It may sound obvious, but in this ever-changing digital world this has become less and less common.

  • Bring in a hard copy of your resume or portfolio (if you still have a physical one) to your interview.
  • Do your homework! Learn what the company does, brands they work on, etc.
  • Introduce yourself. You may be the 10th candidate they’ve seen!
  • Learn the office culture and abide by it. Two interviewers saw candidates come in wearing flip flops.
  • Go the extra mile and be neat and organized in all your communications.
  • If you’re a creative, create a memorable leave behind.
  • If you had a bad experience with an employer, learn how to turn those into positive lessons. Hearing a candidate badmouth their boss may end the interview right then and there.

Be Engaged

Make sure to be your best self and wow them with your friendly nature and readiness to learn!

  • Bring your energy to the interview.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Smile!
  • Learn how to give a firm handshake (not kidding!)
  • Be approachable, NOT arrogant (this was a deal breaker for more than one interviewer).
  • Answer questions honestly. Don’t used “canned” answers you’ve compiled from around the web.
  • Listen! Not only is it respectful, you’ll learn a lot about the company culture and the position.

Take Initiative

Don’t just sit there. An interview is a two-way street.

  • Use your resume to spell out why you’d be perfect for the position.
  • Come up with unique questions to ask your interviewer (one memorable candidate asked, “What was the first site you built?”)
  • Watch the clock, even if your interviewer is not. They may be doing this plus their regular job. You may say, “We only have an hour, should I wrap up?”
  • Send a thank you email! It’s a courtesy that won’t soon be forgotten.

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