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The 5 Most Beautiful Websites of 2011

Source: WagsomeDog
We asked and you responded! Hey, thanks!

We posted this query on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter: “In your opinion, what was the most beautifully designed website (or two)  of 2011” and we got lots of stunning URL responses. Which, we have to tell you, was a heck of a lot of fun to sort through. (So glad we didn’t go for Worst designed sites of 2011. Who needs to be depressed?)

The top three were clear winners, as well as familiar favorites, reinforcing what we personally believe about the web: Design Matters.

Here are the results of our highly (un)official survey, in ascending order:

5. Pinterest
4. Ben the Bodyguard
3. Nike Better World
2. Google

And number one?

1. Apple

Boy, those guys do everything right.

But wait, check out these honorable mentions for some lesser known yet interesting sites:
  • Cuban Council (a boutique interactive design, development and branding services company)
  • Storify (a service that lets you bundle up related tweets, TwitPics, Facebook updates, Flickr photos and other elements onto one page)
  • Flight Card (a flight tracking application)
  • the expressive web (a very cool HTML5 resource)
Thanks to all who responded!

If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to do it right here.

What’s your vote for the most beautifully designed site of 2011?

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