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The 5 Most Beautiful and Inspirational Apps

Source: Sugar Daze

The results are in!

We asked you (via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and all our staff, “What’s the most beautiful app available?”, and thanks to you, we’re here to share 5 lovely, inspiring apps with the rest of the world.

What really shocked us wasn’t the 5 winners, but the sheer number of stunning apps that people love. Runners up included Nike Training, Waze, EpicMix, Urban Daddy, Fanhattan, Burton Snowboards, and oh so many others.

But we’re here to talk about the winners, right? Our list contains some old favorites as well as some new, and very awesome additions.

Here are the results of our highly (un)official survey, in ascending order:

# 5. National Parks by National Geographic


Wow! The stunning photos you’d expect from National Geographic married to a clear, slick design. Definitely winning material. (And not in a Charlie Sheen way.)

# 4. Super 8


The winner of two Webby Awards this year (Best Use of Device Camera and Entertainment [Handheld Devices]) this four-star app has its interface modeled after a Super 8 case and comes with a vintage-looking instruction manual. The app itself gives you a variety of lenses (sepia, infrared, negative) and allows users to put a “scratch-and-dirt” overlay on top of “footage.” Might even be better than the J.J. Abrams film!

# 3. Pinterest


Is it the app beautiful or is it the pictures on the app? Like the age-old question, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop?” the world may never know. But whatever it the reason, this app has what it takes to inspire.

# 2. Flipboard


With its slick print-style layouts, nifty page swiping action, and incredible images, Flipboard comes in at a strong second. Proving once again that showcasing imagery and providing an outstanding user experience really makes for an amazing app.

And number one by a wide margin?

# 1. Instagram!


The first player in the photo-sharing phenomenon (wait, is it a craze?) the simple interface of Instagram and its array of image-enhancing filters, allow this beautiful app to make the world more beautiful. And equally important, this app makes all those snaps you take with your smartphone, on the fly, look like you spent hours in a darkroom achieving photographic perfection. Well, they look better anyway.

Thanks again to everyone who voted. Did we miss anything? Please let us know, and we’ll include in the comments.

Next up? Best looking websites of 2012!

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