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The Best Way to Improve Your Portfolio

If you’re a creative and have a portfolio, this year you need to go to a portfolio review.

No two ways about it: If you want your portfolio to look its best and all your presentations to go swimmingly, then first you’re going to need to get some candid feedback on both.

To illustrate our point, check out this highlight reel of the recent portfolio review we hosted in conjunction with Internet Week Europe (IWE).

In it you’ll hear folks like Will Aslett from The Good Agency tell you why going to one is so key to bringing out the best in your portfolio and job interviews.

If you’re feeling really inspired after watching, we’ve got some homework for you to do before you show up at your next review. Read our UK office’s:

Top 20 Tips to Give Your Portfolio Presentation the Wow Factor

  1. When presenting your work, describe your involvement in the entire project.
  2. Condense work down and showcase only your best work. Focus on dynamic and informative pieces.
  3. What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? Learn how to sell yourself.
  4. Focus on the language you use to describe the projects in your portfolio.
  5. Don’t be negative about your work. Keep persevering and be positive.
  6. Personalise your website. Brand yourself.
  7. Make sure your portfolio is in perfect condition.
  8. Have separate portfolios for distinct skill sets.
  9. Attention to detail matters.
  10. Show where you got your inspiration for projects.
  11. Showcase illustrative work in branding concepts and in examples of design.
  12. Tailor your portfolio for the job you apply for.
  13. Make your portfolio clear and direct.
  14. Make relevant projects pop.
  15. Share background ideas and the development of concepts.
  16. Always have more work ready to show, just in case.
  17. It's OK to ask in advance what the client wants to see.
  18. Make sure your work is original and your own.
  19. Remember, you don’t need to become a niche designer to get work.
  20. Additional to a portfolio, smart presentation along with a smile goes a long way.

Ready to present? If you are, (and you’re in London) don’t hesitate to register for our next review with our partner SheSays, coming up later this month.

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing your work!

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