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The 7 Best States to Get a Job at a Startup!

Source: Marxchivis

Perhaps, you guessed who’s got position #1, but how about the rest?

StartUp Hire created this basic but nifty infographic detailing the best states for getting a gig at a startup, along with some of the most common job types you’ll find there.

Since they’re a job board solely devoted to posting positions at startups, you can imagine they have a heck of a lot of data to draw from - and some of it might surprise you.

The numbers show that you don’t necessarily have to move to California to get one of those jobs, though with a full 36% of of all jobs posted on the site, the Sunshine State The Golden State might be your best bet if you’re determined to work in a startup environment.

Here are the rankings and the percentages of jobs posted:

1. California (36%)
2. Massachusetts (7%)
3. New York (7%)
4. Texas (5%)
5. Washington (4%)
6. Colorado (3%)
7. Pennsylvania (3%)

And there’s good news: StartUp Hire’s job posts increased 24% over last year.

More good news - Vitamin T has offices in all of those states (well, except Colorado... we’re working on it!) And with our focus on agencies and fast-growing companies, we might just have that startup job you’re looking for!

StartUpHire Infographic

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