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The 4-Step Process for Building Your Own Creative Dream Team


Does the thought of building the perfect team feel impossible right now? Like you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock on your journey to hire the best people? We know what you’re going through. Hiring new team members to do the all of the design, and development work for your project can be stressful.

How do you put a team together when you’re already swamped with your work? How do you justify the cost to upper management? How do you find and hire the right people?

It’s enough to make you throw in the towel.

Don’t do throw in that towel!

What you need is our 4-step system for putting together your dream team. Below are the steps our staff use as they walk a client through the process of building a team. We’re happy to share it with you. Because we really, really don’t like when people throw in the towel.


STEP ONE: Evaluate what you have and decide what skills you need to complete your project.

Your goal is to understand what you need to execute what you’re planning or committing to deliver.

Do you need a UX designer, a visual designer and developer, or a digital marketing strategist? Make a list of the skills you need to achieve your business goals, then perform an audit of your existing team members and see how they fit into the roles on your list. Ask yourself:

  • What are the business goals?
  • To achieve those goals, what will I need to deliver?
  • What skillsets are most important to meet the deliverables? 

STEP TWO: Figure out where the gaps are and the talent you’ll need to fill them in.

Once you’ve found out what skills you’ll need to complete the project and have identified what team members have those skills, you’ll need to find out what’s still missing.

If you’re not clear exactly what a UX designer does and doesn’t do or the skills you’ll need to have to focus on UX, you may want to talk to your team members to gather that information. Or check out our full list of job descriptions to get a better idea of what each position handles.

Instead of thinking about roles during this step, we recommend that you focus on the skills you need. For example, instead of writing down “I need a designer,” write down “I need someone who has strong Adobe Creative Suite skills.”

After you’ve got a list of skills, write the average amount of work you think you’ll have for that person during the project. Remember, you can hire a freelancer who can work two hours one week and 40 hours the next. But you’re just looking for that average right now. (We staff a lot of those flexible freelancer roles here at Vitamin T, so that’s definitely something we can help you with.)

STEP THREE: Make the case.

Once you know what roles you’re trying to fill—and a rough idea how many hours you’ll need—it’s time to secure the funding to hire people. That means you’ll need to justify the cost of hiring talent for your team to management. It’s best if you do a little research in advance so you’ve got some information about the ROI of certain roles.

Here are some articles that can help you prepare for those conversations:

- Making a Strong Case for the ROI of UX
- How Great Graphic Design Can Lead to Massive ROI
Ultimate Guide to Measuring Social Media ROI

As you’re doing research, you might realize that your hiring list isn’t really feasible. For example, when you’ve just started to offer UX as a service to your clients, hiring three UX talent doesn’t make financial sense. You’ll need to adjust your list based on your budget, timing, pipeline and expected return.

Consider the goals of your company and enter into the conversations with your management armed with the best information you can find. The more prepared you are, the more likely you’ll get the go-ahead.

You may also want to mention that you have the option of hiring talent on a “temporary to permanent” basis with a staffing agency like Vitamin T. When you hire staff temp-to-perm, you can make sure they are a good fit for your team and they have the skills you’re looking for before you hire them permanently.

The temp-to-perm model may seem a little less risky for your management team, because it’s not a big scary commitment. You can sell it as a “try before you buy” opportunity. (Even better, you can tell them there’s a guarantee if you’re using an agency like us.)

STEP FOUR: Find the people you need.

When you’ve gotten the go-ahead to hire, it’s time to actually find the people you need to round out your team.

You can download our new guide, “How to Find Digital Creatives: DIY vs. Online vs. Staffing Agency. In this short guide, you’ll discover three great ways to source your next creative or marketing hire, and decide which method will work best for you.


Putting your ideal team together isn’t impossible—you just need to break down the process into manageable chunks. Follow this 4-step system to find the people you need and create a team that will deliver results for your clients.

The time you spend finding the right talent will pay off when your clients are delighted with the work your team can produce.

Need help with these steps? Our Vitamin T can assist with this entire process—including your audit, figuring out where the holes are, justifying the cost, and finding the people you need. Call (855) 848-8568 today to find out more about how we can help you put your dream team together.

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