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The 3 Hottest Javascript Frameworks

Source: Yuko Honda

Over at the Smashing Boxes blog, front end developer Zach Kuhn recently posted a great article about the hottest JavaScript frameworks out right now.

Of course, there are a number of different frameworks out there—many of them excellent—but if you’re building a web app, then you can’t go wrong with the Big 3: Angular, Ember and React. There’s no doubt, these are the HOTTEST frameworks for creating web apps.

You can read the full article here, which includes must have details about recent changes, performance, and whether you should consider using that particular framework, but here is the gist:



Currently the most popular JS framework and has no evidence of slowing down. With the amount of support and interest in Angular,  it will likely maintain as the most popular client side framework for quite some time.

Ember on Light


This is a great choice for ambitious web apps. And if your client is a Ruby shop, it’s  a fantastic choice! A ton of documentation, articles, and blogs exist on combining these two technologies. Smashing Boxes has a great can’t miss series.



It has been at the forefront of client-side MVC advancements for the last couple years. Other frameworks are playing catch-up with many of the things React can already do. It continues to make significant innovations, especially React Native which is gaining more and more popularity with native app developers. 

What are your thoughts on these 3 powerful frameworks? Do you feel there are others that deserve to be on this list?

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