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The 21st Annual Webby Awards Winners Announced!


13,000 entries, 70 countries, and 3.5 million votes later, the winners of the 21st Annual Webby Awards have been announced!

Hop on over to the Webby Awards site to check out your favorites from the past year, from mobile apps like IFTTT and Evernote to powerful social movements like The Women's March. (And yes, of course, Pokémon GO.)

Be forewarned, much like the actual internet itself, going through the list of winners may take much longer than originally planned.

Want to see your favorites actors, agencies, and artists accepting their awards with epic 5-word speeches? Be sure to watch the live event with host Joel McHale (from the well-loved comedy series Community) on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 over at

Look for us in the audience, because we’re always there!

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