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The 20th Annual Webby Awards is Coming!


The rumors are true, the star of Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman will be hosting the 20th Annual Webby Awards ceremony in NYC on May 16th.

We’re guessing he’ll find it easier than sitting in a chair for a 10-hour-long "Tales of Whiskey" fireside session—something he did on YouTube this past holiday season. (We’re not even kidding.)

It’s been yet another huge year in digital. From the launch of Lenny Letter to the birth of activist movement #BlackLivesMatter, both Special Achievement winners, we’ve gotta agree with the Webbys:


Want to take part? YOU can still vote for the GIF of the year on their site.

And, as always, you can watch all the highlights on the Webbys’ YouTube channel on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016.

Look for us in the audience!

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