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The 2015 Vitamin T Pumpkin Challenge Is On!


They say “everything's bigger in Texas.” And that rings true when it comes to competitive creative teams, too! For the third year in row our Austin team is heading up the Vitamin T Pumpkin Challenge. This year they even wrangled our Dallas market into participating.

Each year we invite local creative agencies and teams to decorate a pumpkin. We post photos of their spooky and fun creations, then let everyone vote to declare a winner. This year we’re doing things a little differently: we’re moving to a new format, instead of photos of these truly amazing pumpkins, you get to experience them via video!

Several creative teams will be competing to create the best pumpkin video for this challenge! And the best part? YOU get to help pick the winner! Check out this year’s video submission over at our friend’s site Music Meets Video and VOTE for your favorite one!

Want more Halloween pumpkin fun? Check out some of the amazing submissions from past competitions!






Spartan Pumpkin-1

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