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The 13 Most Bewitchingly Useful Websites for Creatives


This year it’s all treats and no tricks, we promise!

Here’s our collection of the 13 most bewitchingly useful websites for creatives.

Whether you're a front end developer, copywriter, or a UX designer, there’s something here for everyone. Except, of course, those folks who insist on eating candy corn.

Sorry, but there are some things we just can NOT get behind.

1. The Noun Project

An ever growing library of free (or nearly free), downloadable icons representing objects and concepts. Need an icon for screaming? Just type “scream” into the search box, then stand back! So useful, it’s scary.

2. Six TED Talks Every UX Pro Should Watch

Usabilla curates this list of must-see talks by everyone from Facebook’s director of product design to Spotify’s senior designer. Rated PG-13 for intense user personas and rapid prototyping.

3. Word Frequency Counter

Ever wonder how much you use (or possibly overuse) the same words in your copy? Use this tool to ensure you’re not repeating yourself. Or repeating yourself. Caught in a phrase maze? It’s merely a link away from their Phrase Frequency Counter.

4. Lost Type Co-op

Home to 50+ unique typefaces from designers around the world. Whether you like your fonts to be Krueger-inspired or reminiscent of classic horror, LostType has you covered. All font sales go straight to the designers.

5. A List Apart: Code 

Mystical instruction from the masters of the development field including Jeffrey Zeldman and the World Wide Web Consortium.

6. WhatTheFont

Need to know the typeface on your zombie attacker’s t-shirt? Submit an image to WhatTheFont to find out instantly. If your zombie is super slow moving and you’ve got a little more time, you can send images to their forum for a deeper dive.

7. UI Talks

An inspired project collecting the best recorded conference talks on UX all in one place. Search by topic, events, or speaker. Jared Spool? Luke Wroblewski? Rochelle King? Yep. Stephen King? Clive Barker? Edgar Allan Poe? Nope.

8. Grumpicon

Follow the galloping unicorn to discover a tool that processes a set of SVG files, generates PNG fallback images for legacy browsers, and exports a demo page showing how to use the final icons. Belief in magical beasts not a prerequisite, but helpful.

9. Proofreader’s Marks

If you know someone who thinks those cryptic markings are on their beautiful designs are secret messages from aliens, pass them this cheat sheet, then tell them to take off their tinfoil hat.

10. Hex.Colorrrs

Designer and developer Jamie Brittain’s scarily simple to use Hex to RGB converter. A terrific way to pimp your online pumpkin.

11. Lovely Stationery & Lovely Package

A two-headed gift! Two sites that curate (respectively) the best stationery and packaging design. Like Halloween itself, both are fun and inspirational.

12. Down for Everyone or Just Me?

Have zombies taken over your ISP? This is the place to find out if any site is down for everyone or just you. If it’s down for everyone, you may want to lock the doors.

13. The Convince & Convert Blog

Prescient articles, advice, and a glimpse into your digital future from the number one content marketing blog on the planet.

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