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Tech That’s Big in Japan

Source: Vincent_AF

Our London office recently went on a virtual visit to Tokyo and brought back some great tech for you to feast your eyes and ears upon.

Remember the iconic 80’s tune, “Big in Japan?”

As a part of Aquent, with 37 offices spanning the globe, we’re in a pretty sweet spot to see what’s trending in digital across different regions and share some global insight.

One of our busiest offices is in Tokyo, where the pace is blinding fast and the demand for digital creatives is skyscraper high.

So, we thought we’d pass along few blazing hot trends from Japan, so you can see what’s next!

ATMs That Read Palms—No Card Needed


Ever been to the ATM only to realise that you’d forgotten your card at home? A Japanese banking group just announced it will soon be offering its customers the opportunity to make ATM transactions using palm-scanning biometric technology, thus doing away with the need for bank cards.

It got us thinking, if people could pay for everything by placing our hand on a scanner, we’d all be at our office earlier (as there’s always that person who keeps their bus card at the bottom of their oversized bag.)

Japanese Upstart Challenges Google Glass


Hot on the heels of Google Glass is a new thingamajig from Japanese entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi which he calls Telepathy One. And while we think it looks like a stylish hair band, it’s actually a device looking to beat Google at its own game.

According to Digital Trends, Telepathy One has a unique design that is decidedly more sci-fi than the Google Glass display. An optically-projected screen appears in front of the eyes of the device wearer. Displayed on the tiny projector are media from the user’s cell phone via an app. It has the capability to stream video and photos from the phone or capture media from the device and send it back to the phone. We think its capability to share between the wearer and the user of the phone app gives it a one up on Google Glass. Well,  for the time being.

Sony’s E-ink Screen Acts Just Like Paper

2blue image

This is a tablet with a difference. Not marketed for consumers to watch Game of Thrones while travelling to work. This is wayyyy more than that.

Marketed towards the business professionals, educators, and those working in law, Digital Paper allows users take notes on PDF pages and save the additional notes on the document itself. We think that could be particularly helpful to any college student taking notes in class (though its current $1,110 price point will surely put it out of their reach). They could load a digital version of the class textbook and take notes on the book’s pages during class.

Digital Paper users can also load a blank page that looks like notebook paper in order to take detailed notes during a meeting or class.

Forget Ultrasound, Get a 3D Model of Your Baby


Is it cute or is it creepy? That is the question. Not going into details about this one, but once again, it was conceived and born in Japan. (If you’ll excuse the pun.)

The Future of Restaurants?


When you go to the supermarket, do you go to the traditional checkout with the chirpy assistant to have a little natter about nonsense or use the self check out? (Yeah, we use the machine, too.)

Japan’s Mirai Resu restaurant really plays up the latter by using touch screens, interactive tables, virtual walls and ceilings, and augmented reality, so customers get food and drinks quickly and efficiently, no matter what language they speak.

We don’t know about you, but we think the future’s looking pretty bright in the land of the rising sun!!

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