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Creative Talent of the Week, NYC (3.12.15)


Our Talent of the Week Newsletter features the best and brightest local creatives around.

This week we’re featuring talent from our NYC market.

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Mona has deep experience creating world class content solutions for a range of audiences and across devices and platforms. She has experience building productive, lasting partnerships with engineering, UX, localization, marketing, and other partners to understand and deliver on customer needs and expectations. Mona was most recently with Microsoft, where she developed a comprehensive content strategy for support and user interface content for Office across mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Win Phone). Prior to this, Mona was with Mediaocean as a Product Manager. In this role, she initiated the practice of UI design reviews and created editorial guidelines for developers. A common theme in her professional life is that she can often see what's happening (or not happening) that interferes with a team's ability to be its best; lack of collaboration, excessive reliance on the status quo, processes that should or shouldn't exist, and can present solutions that all involved can endorse. Mona is at her best working on products with talented multi-disciplinary teams that are obsessed with their customers.


Lauren is an engaging, talented and sharp graphic designer. Lauren graduated from an intense, 3 month course in graphic design at the Shillington School of Design here in New York, last year. Her clean and crisp design aesthetic is a result of her close attention to detail and polished design philosophy. She knows the Adobe Suite well and has a passion for design. Her background in Marketing allows her to have a keen understanding of how design relates to the business and agency world.


Alex is a talented designer with over 7 years of experience designing for print and web in the marketing/communications field. He is always looking to finding a challenging position with a creative team that produces amazing work. He excel's when working in a collaborative environment, but has the skill and creativity to work independently as well. He has done a variety of both print and digital work, from brochures and workbooks to HTML web page designs. He is comfortable working cross platform, and has in the past creating email campaigns. He holds a high standard for his work, and would be a great candidate to present to any client.


Joe uses his empathy and design skills to solve usability problems in the digital space. His background in behavioral psychology not only allows him to grasp the cognitive processes involved when people use web and mobile applications but to also apply the scientific method to every step of the way when solving a problem. His favorite tools are a dry-erase board and marker. Joe has also completed the User Experience Design Immersive course at General Assembly and he's available to start his next UX Design opportunity right away!


Michelle is Art Director with strong publishing experience including magazines such as Harper's Bazar and Martha Stewart Living. Michelle has experience managing layout, concepting, development of design and printed collateral, trade show environments, and event materials. Michelle is available to start a new roll on March 9th after she has completed a maternity coverage at Harper's Bazaar.

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