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Talent of the Week 2.19.15


Our Talent of the Week Newsletter features the best and brightest local creatives around.

This week we’re featuring talent from our Dallas market.

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Ryan is one of those people who are completely fascinated by the way web connects with users. It's what drives his development/design and approach to digital marketing. What makes him a great fit? His versatile experience that includes clean wireframes and prototypes; wide-depth of knowledge of user experience and user interface design, interaction design, and responsive design; digital marketing experience well suited for big brands including multichannel marketing, brand strategy, concepting, data analytics, and user flow mapping. His work ethic is a fusion of collaboration, drawing boards and sweat. He is also an expert on the development side where it all started for him 15 years ago. His technical weapons include: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, jQuery, JavaScript, Backbone.js, Handlebars, Node.js, PHP, and MySQL. When he is not creating awesome sites he is speaking about UX at several UX meet-ups and conventions like Big Design. He builds things that connect people – websites, applications, furniture, cars and communities.


Nel is an experienced Graphic Designer, Animator, and Editor. He can handle many aspects of day to day design and is very well developed motion graphics techniques. In addition, Nel's worked in many fields including but not limited to: print, interface design, editing, animating, compositing, photography, product development and launch, news and promotional graphics guru.


Since 2004, Lawrence has worked as an art director with a few of the top advertising agencies in Dallas, Texas. During his experiences, he was exposed to many different forms of advertising such as print, web, broadcast, POP, direct mail, branding, and promotional advertising. With this, Lawrence is also experienced in Adobe CS 3-6, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Power Point and Quark among other software on both Mac and PC platforms. Lawrence feels that being an art director stretches the mind and capabilities of the artist in order to grab the attention and challenge the thinking of the consumer. All this comes from the concept, which is the foundation of the execution.


Brenna is an experienced graphic designer serving a wide range of needs including print and digital design, photography and copywriting. She is proficient on Mac and PC and her software skills include Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge and Acrobat), Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), and WordPress. She is also knowledgeable about a variety of formatting styles and can write, proofread, and edit copy. Brenna’s greatest strength is her ability to take a blank slate and fill it with a creative design that captures her client’s needs, aesthetic preferences, and marketing objectives.


This is a miracle worker in Powerpoint! Lynn has superior knowledge of the MSOffice programs and knows how to put them to work for you. Need a real expert to handle your executive presentations or create templates? New business pitches? You need Lynn, who has successfully worked on over 500 assignments through Vitamin T. She also has experience developing and implementing corporate standards for Powerpoint presentations and training employees to get the most out them.

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