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Stressed at Work? Take an Every Day Vacation

Source: Monica Bloom

Creative director, author, and Vitamin T Regional Director Monica Bloom does love herself a nice vacation. She also knows what it’s like to come back to a full email inbox and stacks of work that needs to be taken care of, pronto.

Monica’s not just a creative and a manager, but also a practitioner in the ancient art of Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga. She has been teaching Ayurveda to us folks at Vitamin T for years, so we thought we’d share her wisdom with you, too!

So, you just got back from a wonderful vacation and after two days back in daily life, you’ve already lost your bliss and relaxation.

What the fruit?!

Well the truth is, life is long and, sadly, vacations are not.

Which is why you need to learn how to bring the joyful aspects of a vacation to your every day. Daily enjoyment is what life is all about. While taking time to luxuriate might seem impossible (or make you roll your eyes), it’s not. It just requires a little prioritization and focus.

We work hard—we all deserve to take an every day vacation.

First, let’s look at what do we do on vacation that we don’t do daily:

{we spend more time outdoors  • we have the luxury of time • we see beautiful things • we eat yummy, fresh food • we listen to different music • we get extra sleep}

Let’s bring these to life.


1) Take Time Outdoors. On vacation, we spend time outdoors and even exercise outdoors. At home, we might hit the gym, workout class, or jump on the treadmill in the basement. Notice those are all indoors? As beings of nature, nature revitalizes us. We feel amazing in it because it’s our home. Get outside, daily! Even 20 minutes will do wonders.

2) Enjoy the Luxury of Time. How can we get more time into the day? We can’t. Time is time. But we can make better use of the time we have. Instead of noodling online, put on sneakers and power walk for 30 minutes. Instead of complaining to a coworker, go outside, find a bench, sit n’ breathe. Wake up early, enjoying the twilight into sunrise while you light a candle and journal intentions for the day. (No complaining in your journal—rainbows and sunshine, only!)

3) See Beautiful Things. How can we bring more beauty to the daily-daily? Try some of these: Flowers on the table. Beautiful, transportive photos at your desk. Can you work by a window? Can you get a natural light lamp? Himalayan salt lamps are awesome. What do you see on vacation that you could bring to your every day?

4) Eat Fresh, Yummy Foods.  You are the one choosin’ your groceries so…choose ones that make you feel amazing! Does mango make you feel like life is easy? Get it. Avocado make you feel spoiled? Do it. An afternoon chai latte? Have it and savor. Hand-made pasta? Take some extra time on a Saturday and make it. Thai food your fave? Get a Thai cookbook and commit 1 recipe to memory.

5) Listen to Happy Music We Normally Don’t Hear. Pandora, Spotify, Google Music (formerly Songza). All of these give us world music at our fingertips. Some of my favorite transportive music stations on Pandora are: “Wes Anderson” (makes me feel like I’m pedaling around Paris with flowers and bread), “Tycho,” and “Washed Out” (makes me feel like I’m on a hazy beach in SoCal). “Nightmares on Wax” is another easy chill mix and “1901” makes me want to dance. Google Music is also super fun, because you choose songs based on your mood or how you want to feel.

6) Get Extra Sleep. No you can’t sleep in like you can on vacation, but there’s an easy fix: go to bed earlier. Spend one week going to bed at 8pm or 9pm and see how fantastic you feel. Use this when needed. When I was writing my book, I would stay up mega-late 2-3 nights in a row and then balance with 2 nights of going to bed at 8pm.

Whattaya think? Are you inspired? What other ideas do you have – do share!

if we spent more time enjoying each day and less time trying to escape it, we would feel nourished and enriched, every single day. That is the good life, my friends.

Finally, please enjoy my favorite little story about the Mexican Fisherman and The Investment Banker. Love!

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