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Stay on Top of Digital Trends: Webby Connect is BACK!


Webby Connect is back!

The experts from the Webby Awards and Vitamin T are back with the latest Webby Connect TODAY and more Internet shelearningans. (Hey, we just coined a new word.)

Which means you’ll once again have your one-stop shop for:

  • Keeping up on all the latest Web trends: Mobile First, Online Learning, and Native Advertising.

  • Hanging out (virtually) with digital thought leaders (last year we hung out with the CEO of Warby Parker, the CEO of Songza, and the Executive Creative Director of Google Labs).

  • Exclusive interviews with interactive superstars.

No one’s better at curating the best of the web than the Webbys Awards. And no one has more visibility to the interactive job market than Vitamin T.

So be sure to follow along and keep yourself ‘Netucated (Hey, that’s two words we just made up - who knows what we’ll come up with next!)

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