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St. Patrick Gives Career Advice


While our offices are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by dressing in green and making merry (no, they’re not drinking pints of Guinness... just yet), we thought we’d pass along a look at how we at Vitamin T see this well-celebrated day.

We think it’s amazing how this list of traditional symbols of St. Patrick’s Day aligns so perfectly with what we do for our awesome Talent! (And man, do we hope this goes off a lot better than McDonald’s #shamrocking meme.)

The Pot of Gold
In our world, what lies at the end of the rainbow is not just a dream job, it’s a dream career. The one that doesn’t just pay your bills, but allows you to truly excel at what you’re great at, whether that’s front end design or user experience. And there’s nothing that makes us happier than a Happy Talent AND a Happy Client (consider us the rainbow on the way to your pot of gold).

As an added bonus, getting weekly pay through us is amazingly less taxable than a bunch of gold and will allow you to sleep much better at night.

A wonderful byproduct of doing the work you love. (see “Pot of Gold” above)

Luck o’ the Irish
As for luck, one thing’s for sure: the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Look at it this way, could be luck that the hiring manager at an amazing-to-work-for company reads your resume and loves it, but that luck is tied to many factors - all of which involve work from you (and us, as it turns out). Your resume has to be compelling and error-free and really targeted to the burning need that client has at the moment.

That lucky resume also has to end up in the right person’s hands (at that right moment), which means connecting with a network that knows who is hiring. So if lot of luck means also being in the right place at the right time, and when you work your network, you’re bound to be in front of more people when it counts.

These are the nasty, magical little fellows that try to keep you from getting the pot of gold. They tell you lies like, “You’re not good enough” and “You don’t need to update your portfolio.” If you can learn to ignore them, you’re one step closer to that dream career.

Great news for you: We don’t work with leprechauns. While we’re an equal opportunity employer, we do draw the line here. And we know you’re thankful for it. (Remember, we’re the RAINBOW to POT OF GOLD people)

Maybe not a traditional symbol, but certainly Guinness and Harp have become modern symbols of the day, as have packed-to-capacity bars. But too much beer and hanging out with friends outfitted with web-enabled 8 megapixel, smart phones can play havoc when you’re trying to impress would-be employers.

Not sure how beer + what we do really tie in, other than that havoc thing, but a lot of networking does involve beer, and we sure do a lot of networking to find you that dream job. Maybe that’s it?

It has three leaves, it’s green, it grows in moist soil...Okay, we drew a blank with this one.

Wait, the FOUR leaf ones are the important ones. We can work with that. Four symbolizes us + you + your dream job + a pot of gold. Work with us. Literally. We’ll help make your dreams come true.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all!

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