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Shipping up to Boston


Continuing our journey through Vitamin T land, we’re excited to spotlight another Vitamin T office: Boston!

Boston is known for a lot more than clam chowder, Whitey Bulger, and the Red Sox (not necessarily in that order). It’s home to world-renowned medical care, a burgeoning R&D industry, and of course Ivy League schools. It’s even the headquarters of the coolest creative talent agency out there (hey, that’s US). But wait, there’s more!

So to introduce you to this great city, we chased down Boston agent, Kelly Moeller (whose effervescent personality quickly dispels the myth that Bostonians can be less than warm!).

Vitamin T: What do you love most about Boston?

Kelly: Boston is a cultural melting pot - literally. There are diverse neighborhoods, filled with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Add that to the local Boston "flavor" richly engrossed in maintaining cultural heritage and a fanatical love of our national championship winning sports teams - the Celtics, Patriots, Bruins, and Red Sox. Boston is one of a kind.

Vitamin T: Why is it a great place for interactive talent?

Kelly: Boston is a hotbed of technological advancements. With institutions like Harvard and MIT alongside small start-up technology and innovation companies, there is no better place to be infused in the digital space. Companies like SCVNGR, for example - a location-based scavenger hunt mobile game - was created by a local genius and has really fueled Boston's surge toward being a pioneer in the gaming, digital, and mobile spaces.

Vitamin T: What advice would you have for talent moving to Boston?

Kelly: Definitely do strong research regarding locations and neighborhoods. Each individual neighborhood can feel like its own country, and navigating Boston can be quite tricky.

Vitamin T: What are some great networking orgs to connect with?


Vitamin T: What are some of the hottest agencies in Boston?


  • AMP Agency – named one of the top 25 US agencies by PROMO Magazine
  • Arnold Worldwide – represent St. Ives, Jack Daniel's, New Balance, plus they do pro bono work for Walden Woods, Dana-Farber, Horizons for Homeless Children & many others
  • Conover Tuttle Pace – advertising and PR agency in Boston’s North End
  • Digital Bungalow – interactive agency representing sports/entertainment, retail, healthcare, and other industries
  • Digitas – Provides integrated strategy, technology, and marketing solutions to e-commerce companies
  • Genuine Interactive – create online campaigns for major brands
  • Hill Holliday – one of the largest agencies in the country, they represent Bank of America, Chili's, Dunkin' Donuts, Liberty Mutual, MLB and other big name brands
  • Isobar – a communications agency network, made up of more than 2,200 digital marketing professionals in 32 market
  • Mullen – an integrated advertising agency known for television, print, and digital advertising as well as web design and social media
  • Razorfish – a digital agency focused on creative interactive experiences for the likes of integrated advertising agency known for television, print and digital advertising; web design and social media
  • Sapient – an interactive and professional services company representing Talbots and other major brands
  • Small Army – one of the largest agencies in New England and creator of these nifty ads for GymIt
  • The Barbarian Group – a digital marketing and creative agency for B2C companies. (They’ve also done a bit of work for Vitamin T!)

Vitamin T: What odd factoids can you share about the city that newcomers wouldn't know?


  • The subway is known as the “T”.
  • You cannot get back the way you came via car ever; the streets are typically one-way, so you must Google Map both directions.
  • People in Boston pronounce the names of towns and streets differently than the phonetic pronunciation, so newbies often get lost looking for a town called Woosta when it’s actually Worcester.
  • A "regular" coffee at Dunkin Donuts is actually with cream and sugar.
  • Nobody ever says "Pahk the Cah in Hahvad Yahd." But they do call a living room the parlor.

Another interesting fact: Did you know there are nearly 100 songs written about Boston? I guess the city has inspired quite a few creative people!

Want to learn more about living and working in Boston? Connect with our Boston office. They’ll be glad to help!

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