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See the Winners of Our 2015 London Talent Awards


Last week was the inauguration of our very first UK Talent Awards!

Our show was created for the simple purpose of celebrating and rewarding amazing digital talent, and we did just that with an award ceremony and party!

For those that couldn’t be there to celebrate with us, here are the winners of the awards as well as a few photo highlights.

Winner of the Design Category - Ben DavidsonWPY’s 50th year identity and campaign.

Share Your Vision

“His 50th year design solution of the aperture device is simple but a strong one. It houses the wildlife photography beautifully and gives it a place to live and breathe. It is prominent and effective in both print and digital and has the ability to work as a one colour version through to a full colour poster which is the sign of a great identity. ”

- Katie Leeman, Head of Design at Frukt

Winner of the Web & UX Category - Giulia Matozza, redevelopment of the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) website.


“[This site] really meets the brief of good user experience design, it’s a combination of good design and functionality that’s appealing to all users. I know from experience that’s it easier to design a site when you have a luxury product, an exciting sport and seductive imagery, but designing for a difficult subject such as blindness and partial sight is a real challenge to make it look and feel engaging and modern whilst also meeting accessibility standards. It’s great to see a good example of an accessible site which this one needs because of it’s target audience. The balance of attractive imagery and useful content combined with selectively placed videos makes an engaging site and good user experience.”

- Julie Kennedy, Head of User Experience at the Daily Mail

Winner of the Content & Copywriting Category - Maria Ines LeiriaBloody Disgrace campaign.

Bloody Disgrace

“I really liked the strength and simplicity of the concept, of this work and how flexible the creative was in terms of copy-led executions. It was clean, powerful, consistent and memorable - which all good campaigns should be.”

- Matt Haslum, Consumer Marketing Director at Faber and Faber

Winner of the Marketing Category - Emily RocheEcho Fox Books newsletter.

Fox Books

“Information is beautiful and in an era where we read by pictures, I think the infographic is the perfect platform to communicate complex messaging while keeping your audience engaged. Infographics done well are a work of art in themselves.”

- Laura Richardson, Head of Marketing & Partnerships for The Dots

The Overall Winner - Gareth David, awarded across all categories based on votes from the web & social media


Congratulations to all our winners!

It was a great night and we look forward to continuing the awards bigger and better for next year!

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