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Hooray! Webby Connect is back!

Here’s a message from our friends at The Webby Awards.

It takes a special team of nerds to get amped about a blog.
We at The Webby Awards are those special nerds, and Webby Connect, our annual collaboration with Vitamin T, is the object of our blog affection.
If you're familiar with last year's Webby Connect, welcome back! (Have you lost weight?) If you're a newbie, read on.
Each year Webby Connect sifts through the noise of the Web in order to surface and explore three key online trends – ones that are significantly changing the way we live and work. Here's what we’re focused on this year:
Elevation of Craft

There are so many creative types cropping up these days we started wondering if there's a creative persons cloning lab somewhere… Turns out, there's not (whew!). The real situation is that the Web is providing so many resources (apps, tools, courses, etc.) that it is easier than ever for creative amateurs and professionals alike to hone their craft. Keep with us as we surface these tools and explore questions like "Why now?" and "How do you get started?"
Sharing Economy

Airbnb made us comfortable with sleeping in strangers' beds – and we haven't looked back. Cars, bikes, garden tools, driveways: We seem to be willing to share almost anything with someone found via the Web – despite the fact that there's little (if any) face-to-face contact with the person on the other end of the transaction. Is the sharing economy a quaint haven for trendsetters? Or is it the future of commerce?
Careers With Meaning

When asked what they want to be when they grow up, few people respond: "a senior web analyst." Yet the vast majority of talented workers find themselves climbing the corporate ladder. But, as more people eschew that world for jobs that promote social good, we may be witnessing a big shift. Watch this blog for more on how the Web is helping people devote their careers to a greater purpose.

We’ll share each week’s post at our Webby Connect homepage. Be sure to bookmark it!

Stick with us as we share articles, interviews, surveys, graphics, and more on these exciting topics. We look forward to nerding out with you!

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