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See 16 Years Worth of Amazing Websites


According to our friends at the Webbys, the Internet is now “approximately one yotabyte, or one quadrillion gigabytes. It would take 11 trillion years to download and surf the entire thing.”

Um, dang.

In interest of time (yours and ours), they’ve created an amazing Winners Gallery and Archive, beautifully designed in collaboration with—gasp—Internet Explorer. (We know, first Windows 8 and now this. Microsoft seems to be everywhere.)

The interaction for searching is really innovative, just go to the gallery’s home page and start typing “Vitamin T” to see what we mean.

If you’re looking to find any Webby nominee and winner since 1997, here’s the place to see how much the Internet has changed over the last 16 years and get a snapshot of the best of the best - without digging through one yotabyte of information.

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